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Our Vertical Axis Wind Turbine converts wind energy into a highly usable off-grid form called “wind electricity”. The vertical axis, double-helix blade design is very unique, making it a highly versatile, reliable and efficient way to create pollution-free, off-grid, renewable power. You can also combine this solution with solar to increase your power production even further, harnessing the power of wind and sun during the day, and wind at night.

Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to define your energy needs, develop a plan and to deliver a reliable and cost effective solution.

We will work from start to finish and be there to answer any and all questions. Our solar and wind solutions are sold directly to:

* Municipalities
* Housing Development
* Commercial Development

We provide a variety of services to the aforementioned groups, such as:

* Identifying your energy needs
* Development of a Green energy plan
* Guiding you on available government programs and rebates
* Installation of all our products
* Support and Help – We stand by our products and your green vision

Financing available through:

Equilease Financial Renewable Systems and Packaged
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Monday, June 7th, 2010 04:28 pm GMT -4 0

Solar and Wind Power for Nova Scotia

Municipalities throughout Nova Scotia are being given more than $2 million to assist in converting conventional streetlights to highly efficient LED streetlights, saving money and benefiting the environment.

The funding was announced in Warren, NS, on June 11th by Premier Darrell Dexter and was provided by the ecoNova Scotia Fund for Clean Air and Climate Change, who also included additional funding for solar and wind power projects for the town.

“Projects that reduce climate change and improve air quality are smart investments,” said Premier Dexter. “New environmental technologies in the province, such as LED streetlighting, will create good jobs, grow the economy and improve the lives of all Nova Scotians.”

A total of seven municipalities have been selected to receive the funding for the LED streetlights, including Amherst, which will get $700,000 to convert all its 1,200 streetlights to the more efficient LED. Six other municipalities are set to receive nearly $1.4 million to convert their towns to the LED streetlights, as well.

Premier Dexter also announced $230,000 worth of funding to promote alternative energy projects in the Amherst area.

Additionally, the ecoNova Scotia fund will be giving Amherst $144,900 to be put toward a 50 kW wind turbine for a local ecological sewage treatment plant, and $28,500 to convert the fire department’s current source of heat, which is electric, to a natural gas boiler.

The projects supported by ecoNova Scotia help meet the goals of the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act and the Climate Change Action Plan. They also will help Nova Scotia become a recognized leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy technology.

More ecoNova Scotia funding announcements will be made in the near future. The original $42.5 million grant that supported the fund came from the government of Canada and has been fully committed. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 01:28 pm GMT -4 0

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Solar and Wind Power

Toronto Solar and Wind Power are proud to offer the Greenpower Utility System (GUS@TM) line of vertical axis wind turbines. The GUS wind turbine has specific design considerations that make it a versatile product and environmentally friendly.

A few benefits of the GUS vertical axis wind turbine are:

  • Produces up to 50% more electricity on an annual basis versus conventional turbines with the same swept area
  • Generates electricity in winds as low as 4 mph (1.5 m/s) and as high as 130 mph (60m/s) depending on the model
  • Withstands extreme weather such as frost, ice, sand, humidity and wind conditions greater than 130 mph (60 m/s)
  • Non-polluting through a sealed unit design with no gearbox
  • Easy on the eyes and ears, this soundless wind turbine with non-reflecting surfaces eliminates the shadow strobing effect
  • Does not harm wildlife - such as bird strikes